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Hello all,

My name is Kevin 'Chip' Chlipala and I am the CO of a local group of Mil Sim Airsofters based out of Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area of Pennsylvania. We are always looking for new blood to join our beloved sport. And if you're local, we want you to be a Patriot.

We do have some basic requirements:
-Patriots must be 18+.
-Must go through a validation period.
-Must own their own AEG + equipment.
-Must have your own transportation.

One must also know and understand our ROE, Combat Honor Corps:
  • 2016-CHC_RULESET.pdf

  • One must also follow our Patriot Code of Conduct:
  • 2021_Code_Of_Conduct.pdf

  • One must also abide by our Safety Regulations & Gear Requirments:
  • 2021_Safety_Regulations.pdf

  • Just some info on the group.

    The Patriots are split between 2 divisions, "Actives" & "Reservist". New recruits are put through a validation period to see if they meet the specifications to be a Patriot, at this time one is known as a Reservist. Once one has passed this period, one is known as an Active member. There is no rank structure. No 1 man is better then the other. We act as one unit, one team.

    We are not a Para Military group in any way. We are a group of people that love the sport of Mil Sim. We are laid back and chilled, but when it comes down to business we train hard and we play hard.

    We also train once a month at our local Private Field in Shavertown supplied by one of our members, 'Keeper'. It has both CQC and Wooded Areas for various aspects of Training and Game play.

    Feel free to contact me or Keeper at any time for more information.

    Chip's Email:
    Keeper's Email:

    Kevin 'Chip' Chlipala